• Frustrated
    Frustrated? Can't find reliable lawn care?

    Tired of the no-show lawn care guys? Tired of no one answering the phone or not returning your phone calls? At Just for Cuts we take pride in our unmatched customer service and our work. We work 7 days a week. The only thing that stops us is the rain!

    We're your lawn care solution provider!
  • Lawn and grounds maintenance
    Lawn Care & Maintenance Services

    With Floridas summer temperatures in triple digits - sometimes for weeks at a time, we know lawn care can be a real nuisance. Why spend time after work or the weekends that you'd rather spend with your family doing dreaded lawn care?

    Open 7 days a week for your convenience!
  • Pressure Washing Services
    Pressure Washing Services

    Pressure washing, or power washing, is the growing application of high pressure water spray cleaning. Produced by specially designed pumps, this spray is a hundred times more powerful than the typical garden hose.

    Wash away years of dirt and grime!
  • Irrigation system diagnostics and repairs
    Irrigation System Diagnostics and Repairs

    Dead zones? Zone not shutting off? We can properly diagnose irrigation system problems - the first time. We also replace & program timers, rain sensors and sprinkler heads as well as adjustments for optimum spray coverage and water efficiency.

    Don't wait until your lawn is in distress!
  • Small engine repairs
    Looking for small engine repairs?

    Have a new 2 or 4 cycle machine? Not really into maintaining things or just don't have the time? We utilize strict maintenance schedules for our own equipment and can handle everything from routine maintenance to complete engine overhauls.

    Keep your machine running like new!

Some frequently asked questions

A short list of the most frequently asked questions, in no particular order..

Frequently asked questions

Why should I choose Just for Cuts?

When getting estimates, you should ask the other Companies several questions. Is the price they quoted for complete lawn service (mowing, edging, trimming and clearing the clippings) or just "mow and go" and everything else is extra? Are they fully insured? Are they local? Do they use well maintained commercial equipment to minimize the risk of damaging your lawn? Do they offer a discount for referrals, or a 15% discount for senior citizens, teachers, Military, Police and Firemen? What is their average response time? Are they available 7 days a week - even on Holidays and on short notice?

Frequently asked questions

I was quoted more than my last guy. Why?

While we try to stay competitive, this does happen. We have a minimum gate drop charge which is sometimes more than our competitors or a "lowballers" quote. We simply cannot match these prices, even with a discount applied.

What's a lowballer? Lowballers are the thorns in the side of every legitimate lawn company and unfortunately they're everywhere it seems. These are "lawn guys" who are usually uninsured, are "mow and go" - meaning they don't trim or edge, use inferior equipment or just stop showing up for whatever reason. Usually, they work for their daily beer money or as a hobby, while wrecking your lawn in the process. We're a legitimate, State registered, insured, tax paying business and we only use expensive, meticulously maintained commercial grade equipment. Be very weary of "lawn guys" who insist on only accepting cash payments too.

What will you do when an inexperienced and uninsured lawn guy tears up your lawn or breaks your $1400 French door with a rock and then disappears?

Frequently asked questions

Can my grass be cut if it's wet?

This is debatable, but generally no. It really depends on the condition and type of the mower blades and deck design being used as well as the height and condition of the grass itself. We use blades that create a suction to stand the grass up before it's cut to give you a nicer, more consistent cut. Cutting wet grass with these blades combined with our mower deck type will cause clogging, uneven cuts, clumps on your lawn, clutch and belt slippage and premature blade wear. Cutting wet grass also tears the top of the grass off instead of cleanly cutting it and increases the chances of fungal lawn diseases.

There's also the issue of saturated sandy soil. Our mowers weigh from 500 to over 1000 pounds and will leave ruts and possibly sink if we attempted to run them on your lawn after a rainstorm. It's just plain unsafe for the mower operator. We don't cut wet grass because it's not a chance that we're willing to take with your lawn, us or our equipment.

Frequently asked questions

What's the best cutting height?

Bahia Grass

Recommended cutting height is 3-4 inches.

St. Augustine Grass

Recommended cutting height is 3-5 inches. The higher, the better!

Bermuda Grass

Recommended cutting height is ½ - 1½ inches.

Centipede Grass

Recommended cutting height is 1½ - 2½ inches.

Zoysia Grass

Recommended cutting height is 2-3 inches (this varies slightly between different Zoysiagrass cultivars), and should be cut with a reel-type mower.

Frequently asked questions

Do you knock on doors to solicit business?

No. We absolutely do NOT go door to door or call random phone numbers in a phone directly to get business. We find that very rude and intrusive to say the least. Homeowners should be wary of someone knocking on their door claiming to have just completed a job in the neighborhood, noticing their lawn was in dire need of a trim. Any reputable company will let their work do their advertising and sales calls. A mowing service that has to beg for business may not be as good as they want the homeowner to believe they are.

It is better to ask around the neighborhood, especially those with an impressive yard to find a good residential lawn mowing service to take care of the needs than it is to count on advertisements or door-to-door sales calls to pique the homeowners interest. We don't have to because our work speaks for itself!

Frequently asked questions

The property next to me needs service..

We've been asked several times if we can service a property next to them that they don't own that's overgrown, such as an empty lot or vacant property. The answer is no, absolutely not. That is considered trespassing, and we cannot and will not go on a property without the owners permission. The only exception is if we get permission from a Realtor who is representing the property owner.

Frequently asked questions

My lawn guy cuts too short or too high!

We certainly can't speak for how others operate their business, but we can speak for ours. We ask each and every new customer their desired cut height preference and we keep records of this information for future service visits in case the homeowner isn't available to speak with. It only takes a few seconds to change the cutting height of our mowers and we're happy to accommodate a request. Normally the recommended cutting heights listed above are followed for a healthy, fuller looking lawn. The higher you cut it, the more weed resistant it is!

Frequently asked questions

If it rains for several days, what do you do?

In the event mother nature decides to dump rain on us for several days and our schedule backs up, we have a list of local, trusted and insured lawn companies InformationAre you insured and reliable?We're always looking for insured and reliable lawn guys to keep on standby in case of bad weather and our schedule gets backed up. Call and talk to us or message us with our contact form today! MUST be insured (among other criteria), no exceptions!with extra man power that we use once everything has dried out.

To eliminate any confusion, we will contact the customers who are effected and inform them a different company may be servicing their property if we can't get to them in a timely manner.

Frequently asked questions

I have other service needs. Can you help?

We normally just maintain lawns, but we do offer other services including but not limited to shrub and "ground level" tree and palm trimming & pruning and miscellaneous services as requested. We now offer irrigation system diagnostics and repairs as well as pressure washing services. We do not offer or sell any type of pesticides or fertilizers which is why we are not required to be licensed in the State of Florida to perform lawn and grounds maintenance services. We can, however, apply consumer grade chemicals supplied by you or us, per the manufacturers specific application instructions. If you do not see a service you need listed, please contact us.

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What our customers are saying...
  • Tyra in Clearwater, FL

    They keep the lawns at my two rental homes in Dunnellon looking their absolute best. The before and after pictures are a great thing! Keep up the good work! Thank you!

    Tyra M | Clearwater, FL

  • Michele in Dunnellon, FL

    I had my driveway pressure washed while I was away. It was so clean, when I arrived home I didn't want to even drive my car on to it. Worth every penny. Just fantastic!

    Michele C | Dunnellon, FL

  • George in Ocala, FL

    One of my sprinkler zones wouldn't shut off and I couldn't find the problem. Our lawn was flooding! They quickly located and repaired a faulty valve. My lawn and I both thank you!

    George D | On Top of the World (Ocala), FL

  • Don L in Ocala, FL

    The last irrigation company had misconfigured my system, costing me $250 a Month in water. They redid the whole system with efficient spray heads and my bill is 1/4 of that now!

    Don L | Oak Run (Ocala), FL

  • Ivan in Brooklyn, NY

    Just for Cuts has been taking care of my investment property in Marion Oaks for over 3 years. They always send me before and after pictures without me even asking for them.

    Ivan G | Brooklyn, NY

  • Kim in Eau Claire, WI

    I was a bit hesitant with pre-paying to have my large property maintained. Once I spoke to them and saw some of their previous work I understood it was a huge investment to do it.

    Kim E | Eau Claire, WI

  • Steve in Orlando, FL

    We called Just for Cuts to give my rental property in Beverly Hills a good manicure before selling. We couldn't believe it was the same yard when they were done. Curb appeal!

    Steve C | Orlando, FL

  • Janet in Citrus Springs, FL

    Called them on a Sunday for a sprinkler problem and they arrived before noon. Had it up and running in no time! Even adjusted a few sprinklers that were a bit off. Thanks!

    Janet L | Citrus Springs, FL

  • Margaret in Dunnellon, FL

    My last lawn guy couldn't seem to cut my lawn without scalping it in some places every time and always made excuses. Just for Cuts left my lawn looking beautiful and not scalped!

    Margaret S | Dunnellon, FL

  • Denise in Dunnellon, FL

    I needed a last minute lawn service for a house I sold so the new owners wouldn't have to. They showed up on schedule and did a great job! The new owners hired them too!

    Denise C | Dunnellon, FL

  • Michael in Ocala, FL

    Called around for estimates and although they weren't the lowest priced, I still hired them. I don't regret it after seeing their work! Been using them for over a year now.

    Michael R | Oak Run (Ocala), FL

  • Kevin in Bridgewater, NJ

    They maintained our property up here in NJ! When he showed up for the estimate on our vacation home it was quite the surprise. Still the same quality and perfection as always!

    Kevin R | Bridgewater, NJ