• Frustrated
    Frustrated? Can't find reliable lawn care?

    Tired of the no-show lawn care guys? Tired of no one answering the phone or not returning your phone calls? At Just for Cuts we take pride in our unmatched customer service and our work. We work 7 days a week. The only thing that stops us is the rain!

    We're your lawn care solution provider!
  • Lawn and grounds maintenance
    Lawn Care & Maintenance Services

    With Floridas summer temperatures in triple digits - sometimes for weeks at a time, we know lawn care can be a real nuisance. Why spend time after work or the weekends that you'd rather spend with your family doing dreaded lawn care?

    Open 7 days a week for your convenience!
  • Pressure Washing Services
    Pressure Washing Services

    Pressure washing, or power washing, is the growing application of high pressure water spray cleaning. Produced by specially designed pumps, this spray is a hundred times more powerful than the typical garden hose.

    Wash away years of dirt and grime!
  • Irrigation system diagnostics and repairs
    Irrigation System Diagnostics and Repairs

    Dead zones? Zone not shutting off? We can properly diagnose irrigation system problems - the first time. We also replace & program timers, rain sensors and sprinkler heads as well as adjustments for optimum spray coverage and water efficiency.

    Don't wait until your lawn is in distress!
  • Small engine repairs
    Looking for small engine repairs?

    Have a new 2 or 4 cycle machine? Not really into maintaining things or just don't have the time? We utilize strict maintenance schedules for our own equipment and can handle everything from routine maintenance to complete engine overhauls.

    Keep your machine running like new!

Trust your irrigation system to the experts!

We know irrigation systems are expensive to install. Even more expensive are the lawns they water. One faulty component can shut an entire system down. If you water in the early hours while you sleep, you may not even know there's a problem until it's too late and the grass is showing signs of distress.

This is why it's important to frequently test your system, especially if there has been digging on the property for a fence, flowerbed etc. Just because a pipe wasn't hit doesn't mean a wire hasn't been.

Valve and wire locating service

Control valve and wire locating service

Have you recently purchased a property but are unsure of the location of the irrigation systems components? Is your system missing its map? Do you have dead zones or is the whole system simply not working? Was sod put down over the valve boxes? We know you have better things to do than blindly dig holes all over your yard. Using state of the art underground wire locating equipment and some equipment of our very own design, we can quickly and accurately locate control valves and repair damaged wires. We're one of the very few companies within a 50+ mile radius with the equipment and knowledge to do this! If others have tried and failed, call us! If we don't find them - you don't pay!

Timer replacement & adjustment

Control timer upgrades and adjustments

Do you have an older irrigation timer (or "clock") that just can't do what you want it to, or just want to update to the newest technology? New timers not only allow many more functions, but are extremely water efficient. They can automatically adjust your watering schedule to take into account both the seasons and current weather conditions. This allows the controller to optimally water plants year round without the need to constantly reprogram the controller throughout the year.

Spray head replacement

Do you want to save up to 30% water?

Are you on city water? Do you sacrifice your lawn because of high water costs? Hunter's MP Rotator® is a revolutionary alternative to traditional sprinkler heads and pop up sprinkler heads that spray the landscape. MP Rotator® nozzles feature unique, multi-trajectory rotating streams that deliver water at a steady rate. This slower application rate allows water to gently soak in at rates that soils can absorb. Use the MP Rotator® to replace the sprinkler head on any conventional spray head body or pop up sprinkler for water savings of up to 30%

Spray head replacement

Spray head replacement and adjustment

Are your popup spray heads not popping up? Are your rotor heads not rotating? Are your sprinkler spray patterns not correct or simply not watering what you want them to, or watering what they aren't supposed to - like the side of your house, the street or your driveway and walkways? We can replace and adjust broken or malfunctioning sprinkler heads for optimum coverage and efficiency.

Rain sensor replacement

Rain sensor replacement and upgrades

Do you have to manually shut your system off when you see it raining? Most systems can be retrofitted with adjustable rain sensors that will temporarily stop the watering schedule if it's raining. Do you have a rain sensor yet the system still runs when it's raining? We can replace and calibrate your sensor and even utilize wireless technology if you don't want to see unsightly sensor wires.

Control valve rebuilding

Control valve repair and rebuilding

Did you know that control valves can be rebuilt or repaired in most cases? The manufacturers of control valves make rebuild kits and repair parts readily available for complete in-ground repairs and overhauls. We've successfully repaired and rebuilt Hunter®, Rain Bird®, Toro®, Irritrol®, Orbit®, K Rain®, Nelson® and Weathermatic® valves, saving the customer not only the high cost, but also eliminating the risk of leaks when replacing the entire valve assembly. Only in rare cases (damaged housing, cracks from a deep freeze etc) will an entire valve need replacement. We have the knowledge and experience to properly diagnose a valve problem to get your system up and running both quickly and affordably.

Shutoff valve installations

Irrigation shutoff valve installations

When your irrigation system malfunctions and your yard is flooding, are you forced to turn off the water supply to your house too? Time and time again we get frantic calls from customers who are faced with the choice of not being able to use their water to shower or cook and helplessly watch their yard flood.

We can install a separate shutoff valve on the irrigation side of your supply line to eliminate this problem - for good!

Irrigation system filter installations

Irrigation system inline filter installations

Are you using unfiltered well water for your irrigation system? Finer contaminates can make it right past the built in spray head filters. Are you constantly dealing with sand and sediment clogging your spray heads, making valves stick, jamming spray rotor gears, tearing up wiper seals or wearing grooves in the risers? Low pressure mist & drip systems are extremely susceptible to contaminates and can render them inoperable, usually requiring complete nozzle replacement.

We can install a fine mesh, reusable filter to catch the nasty stuff before it gets in and wreaks havoc on your system without sacrificing the water pressure it needs!

Adding and removing spray heads

Adding and removing spray heads

Landscapes can and do change over time, sometimes seasonally. Many native plants don't require irrigation once they're established - why waste water? On the other hand new plantings require frequent watering. We can add or remove watering area spray head locations to fit your changing landscapes needs - and it's completely reversible in case you decide to plant something else in the future!

Electric to mechanical valve retrofitting

Mechanical valve to electric retrofitting

Do you have an irrigation system that uses mechanically operated twist or lever valves? Are you tired of turning valves on and off or forgetting to water? Most manual valves can be either retrofitted or replaced with electronically, timer activated units which can be calibrated to your specifications. There isn't even a need to run wires to them - that's right no wires. There are even valves that have their own timer built on to them, run independently and don't require a main timer. As technology advances, more and more irrigation components are stepping into the wireless age. You'll never have to worry about forgetting to water again! Call us today to discuss your best option for retrofitting or for a free site survey.

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What our customers are saying...
  • Tyra in Clearwater, FL

    They keep the lawns at my two rental homes in Dunnellon looking their absolute best. The before and after pictures are a great thing! Keep up the good work! Thank you!

    Tyra M | Clearwater, FL

  • Michele in Dunnellon, FL

    I had my driveway pressure washed while I was away. It was so clean, when I arrived home I didn't want to even drive my car on to it. Worth every penny. Just fantastic!

    Michele C | Dunnellon, FL

  • George in Ocala, FL

    One of my sprinkler zones wouldn't shut off and I couldn't find the problem. Our lawn was flooding! They quickly located and repaired a faulty valve. My lawn and I both thank you!

    George D | On Top of the World (Ocala), FL

  • Don L in Ocala, FL

    The last irrigation company had misconfigured my system, costing me $250 a Month in water. They redid the whole system with efficient spray heads and my bill is 1/4 of that now!

    Don L | Oak Run (Ocala), FL

  • Ivan in Brooklyn, NY

    Just for Cuts has been taking care of my investment property in Marion Oaks for over 3 years. They always send me before and after pictures without me even asking for them.

    Ivan G | Brooklyn, NY

  • Kim in Eau Claire, WI

    I was a bit hesitant with pre-paying to have my large property maintained. Once I spoke to them and saw some of their previous work I understood it was a huge investment to do it.

    Kim E | Eau Claire, WI

  • Steve in Orlando, FL

    We called Just for Cuts to give my rental property in Beverly Hills a good manicure before selling. We couldn't believe it was the same yard when they were done. Curb appeal!

    Steve C | Orlando, FL

  • Janet in Citrus Springs, FL

    Called them on a Sunday for a sprinkler problem and they arrived before noon. Had it up and running in no time! Even adjusted a few sprinklers that were a bit off. Thanks!

    Janet L | Citrus Springs, FL

  • Margaret in Dunnellon, FL

    My last lawn guy couldn't seem to cut my lawn without scalping it in some places every time and always made excuses. Just for Cuts left my lawn looking beautiful and not scalped!

    Margaret S | Dunnellon, FL

  • Denise in Dunnellon, FL

    I needed a last minute lawn service for a house I sold so the new owners wouldn't have to. They showed up on schedule and did a great job! The new owners hired them too!

    Denise C | Dunnellon, FL

  • Michael in Ocala, FL

    Called around for estimates and although they weren't the lowest priced, I still hired them. I don't regret it after seeing their work! Been using them for over a year now.

    Michael R | Oak Run (Ocala), FL

  • Kevin in Bridgewater, NJ

    They maintained our property up here in NJ! When he showed up for the estimate on our vacation home it was quite the surprise. Still the same quality and perfection as always!

    Kevin R | Bridgewater, NJ

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